Charles Penheiro - Aged Care Financial Planner & Annuity Specialist
Charles Penheiro

Services Provided

  •        Financial Planning
  •        Retirement Planning 
  •        Superannuation
  •        Personal Insurance Services
  •        Managed Investments
  •        Margin Lending
  •        Direct Investments (Shares)
  •        Self Managed Super Funds

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Charles completed his Bachelor of Finance at Edith Cowan University. During this time Charles worked in the Army Reserve were he was trained as a pay clerk with 5 Pay Corp and was later detached to 16 Battalion at Irwin Barracks in Karakatta.
On completion of his finance degree he worked with Asgard Capital Management in an administrative capacity.
He later extended his knowledge of finance and financial planning in particular by working for Winthrop Investments in Applecross. This provided him with an excellent training ground in all areas of financial planning and he is thankful for his time spent there.
Having decided to take a break from the finance world for a while he took off to Europe with the intention of relaxing and traveling. As it turns out, he found himself getting quite a responsible job with Citigroup in London working in their international corporate actions division.
Whilst working for one of the biggest banks in the world in London was an amazing experience, it was all encompassing, and hence forced Charles to question what’s actually important in life.
At that point he decided to come back home to Perth and take that long awaited break he was initially looking for.
With a changed mindset, he decided to re-enter the financial planning industry and obtained a Proper Authority with Synchronised Business Services

While Charles has an interest in all aspects of financial planning, his passion is helping to reduce the resident contribution for those entering into residential aged care.

Having personally been through the process of helping his in laws into aged care, Charles feels that many people are loosing money by not knowing the rules relating to this area of finance and are hence making financial decisions based in incomplete information. This at a time when they are most vulnerable.